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Leroy Hutson: Paradise

The receding hairline on this mang is enough to show his infinite wisdom in the field of funk induced rollicking jams.

Here are two varying examples of such.

She's Got It  presents a medley of sampled voice overs, layered brass and horns with a bassline that punctuates the chorus and repetitive cry, 'She's Got it'. Funk temperaments prevail as the cacophony of all this, car horns included, is a testament to the man.

Classy Lady on the other hand is a percussion lined congo hive of jive that proclaims all the right notions for the devotion and love for that lady.


Rub'n'Dub Vol. 1

Courtesy of Prelude records.

Falling (Dub Mix) - The Biz

What I Got Is What You Need - Unique

Bonus off topic:

New Edition (the wannabe Jackson 5 circa the early 80's) have a curvaceous bop beat extended dub of their single, 'Cool It Now'.

Cool It Now (Extended Dub) - New Edition


Italo Rhythmic beats: 'Dance NRG'.

I came across an immeasurable Goldmine of euro-beat, Italo and synth pop for 1980-85 (roughly) in one. This pot of gold yielded alot of dance gems but mostly, ignited a "similar artists" recommendation list I accumulated just from their related links. There is so much to love about eurobeat, even though to glean such a library, it can occasionally (and critically) sound all the same, however those true diamonds amongst the placid sea of Italo are the ones that dare to be different. With memorable and addictive hooks, synth breakdowns, and vocal transitions that need to be heard, to be believed. Goldmine. The producers here range from Shep (of the Pettibone variety) to Ben Liebrand - talents in their own rights that revise and retouch, some already smooth tracks.


Fox on Fox


New Romantique

Paul Rein

And lastly, in a effort to highlight the myriad of covers of Frankie Valli's hit, 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You' that took place in the era of eurobeat -here's the best of many.


Wham! Early Rarities

Came across a few tracks of Wham! from their first album 'Fantastic'. It's alot of fun, pop inflected tunes that range from quasi-emotional journeys of love, light and life. A few rockier numbers and other synth pop influenced structures, the below (rare instrumental remixes) feature a very spaced out slower track, pinch hit by softer keys that are overwhelmed when the original arrangement comes in. Sheds alot of light on the early talent and creative expression of George Michael, irrespective of personal circumstances, the music stands alone as emotionally charged, rock infusions drizzled in dance.

Wham! - A Ray Of Sunshine (Instrumental Remix)

Wham! - Nothing Looks the Same in the Light (Instrumental Remix)

BOnus ROund:

Wham! - Blue (Armed with Love)

NB: This track was released on the B-side to the 12" of Club Tropicana - it's the only studio recording of the song and was recorded without verses. The entire song with verses included was only ever released on a compilation as a live recording.

Pet Shop Boyz.

Late 80's Pop dance classicism at it's finest: The Pet Shop Boys.

There's 3 here: An Acid remix rerub 'n' dub, an extended 12 inch mix and lastly, a Julian Mendelsohn (whose recent exploits were seen remixing Catcall's 'Swimming Pool') extended dance version of their popular cover.

Rarities ensued.

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (Acid Dub)

Pet Shop Boys - Was it Worth It (12 Inch Extended Mix)

Pet Shop Boys - Always on My Mind (Julian Mendelsohn Remix)


Every Time, Kashif Connects!

Some Gold from an extremely talented producer/ artist.
It really establishes the early 80's production sounds and R&B. The soul melds with the advancing technics on such a level, its danceable.

Melba Moore (Production duties on her album 'Other Side of the Rainbow)

His own original productions yielded a few (alot) of albums.


Friday Editorial.

Here are some jamin' toasts for your weekend. Find below a bunch of boogie woogie and bright lights that sizzle with the swing of the brass.

Deadly Sins – I Feel Your Love (Very Chic Mix)

2 Spare Astronauts – Shakedown Street (Tres Gueros Edit)

Lionel Richie – Let The Music Play (Beatconductor Edit)

Gaye Marvin – Philly Sausage

Break it down!


Peter Brown: Stargazer Ringing In The Ears.

This was one of those Ebay 'watched' items that I came across while perusing some fellow 12inches online.

It was the front cover that initially took my interest before I even tracked down the artist via some random ebay music postings and such. Recently while on a forum, a later release of his came up and I only then recalled the love affair I had had with that front cover. 'Stargazer' (1979  TK Records) was his second album (pictured) however one his most popular achievements was his credit for writing Madonna's 'Material Girl'. While his disco inflected tunes included 'Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me' and 'Dance With Me', I've got the piano ballad titular track here and also his 1984 hit, a eurobeat synth pop extravaganza remixed by Chris Lord-Alge. Unfortunately, It would appear a career-ending case of tinnitus befell Mr Brown in the earlier 90's as these days he enjoys retirement among the stars (pardon the pun).


Canyons: Building Under the Sun

The proto-disco and collectively golden syrup of Canyons production cues are much the fuzz and glow of heat and seabird flight. The vibes and shimmering musicians are now treading water beyond the DJ booth and their original productions will culminate into an album next year.
However, we have a taste of the first lead single that will be released in full early November. 'My Rescue' is not what I was expecting, but am pleasantly surprised and a huge fan of the tune. With similar production virtues to that of musical mates Tame Imapla and their label trio Pond, this Perthquake vibe is definitely one to savour under the Australian sun. The song's piano driven chorus and vocal highlights are the stable mates that will transcend this jam into the summery heights from which forth it will descend upon any summer sun filled day, evening or night, Sunday or Monday, its alarming how effective the lyrics might just end up while your in the sun.

My rescue by one&only CANYONS

Also - A StixmixII mixtape from the gents. Its abit of Teddy Pendergrass, E.L.O, some deep stuff and some outer material.

Canyons - Zuzu Petals mix by one&only CANYONS

These Guys will be playing Playground Weekender next year. Meanwhile try to catch them at one of their H.I.T.S parties that take place every few months or so at GoodGod. Bloody good times.


Cutters Records: Das Moth Release.

Finally coming through the pipeline -(Here's an Interview I had with him back in April)- Timothy Sullivan's release has come at a most glorious timing. Featuring Moon (minus a vocal track that was left out from a previous demo) and Wrong, its a low-slung glistening trailblazer of permutations that would develop between the inter-dimensions of sound & vision. It's mapping where we all ought to go, nodding to nostalgia and embracing the present, Das Moth is truly a reflection of changing times amongst constant memories. Well done Tim. With his sister on backing vocals, Joel Belgium on co-production duties and a swag of remixery services to follow up on a digital release expect continued variations of a standout release, years in the making, months in the waiting.

Soundcloud for free listening.
Das Moth - Moon & Wrong by Das Moth

To keep that aural palette wet, the highly laudable and personal favorite mix series by Das Moth, straight from Shibuya-
Tokio Disko [Volume Three] - A Mix For Cutters Records by Das Moth

Look out for a Cutters Crew Party Down Under in the coming summer.